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Social media and awareness tools

Find out how to encourage participation in the #BeUMC campaign.

#BeUMC social media ideas

Every church member, local church and conference is invited to be a part of this meaningful campaign by including the #BeUMC hashtag in social media posts! The hope is that as many United Methodists as possible will share about their personal experiences, values, hopes and heritage via photos, videos and written posts – illustrations of why each of us continues to #BeUMC.

Encourage participation by posting examples. Create your own message, post it on your personal social media page, then share it on conference or local church social media pages. Your post might be a video of your mission team serving your community, a photo of your church's hospitality to your neighbors, a recording of your small group talking about the importance of sharing their spiritual journeys, or your testimony of how God is transforming you.

Ask fellow staff members and lay leaders to create their own posts so that you can share those as well. When you share example posts on your conference or local church social media pages, include an explanation of the campaign and a request for your audience to participate, such as:

United Methodists around the world are sharing why they choose to #BeUMC. Why are you United Methodist? What makes you optimistic about the future of our congregation’s ministry and mission? Create your own photo, video or written post about your personal experiences, values, hopes and heritage. Be inspired by my example below and don’t forget to include #BeUMC in your post!

As the campaign takes root, begin to share examples from your conference or congregation, always asking your audience to join in and to continue using the hashtag. Hopefully, everyone will begin to add #BeUMC to posts every time they share something related to their faith.

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Show your commitment to #BeUMC by adding the from to your Facebook profile.

Learn how
Get inspired before you create a social media post about your commitment to #BeUMC! Watch these videos of fellow United Methodists sharing what they love about The UMC. Video screenshot.

Get Inspired by others

If you need inspiration to get started, view and share these examples of social media posts created by United Methodists who are celebrating their commitment to #BeUMC.


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