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2017 Advent Photo-a-Day

Advent Photo A Day 2017
Advent Photo A Day 2017

Advent is a season of anticipation and preparation. Through Advent, Christians prepare for Christmas. They also prepare for the day when the world will be at peace, when justice will be wide-spread, and compassion will reign.

People journey through the season of Advent in a multitude of ways. Some take reflection time each day or make a concerted effort to spread joy. Some spend the season anticipating the joy (or consumed by the stress) of visiting or hosting family members. And then there’s shopping…

Whatever your practices, we invite you to share your Advent season experience through the Advent Photo-a-Day Challenge. Our words this year are pulled from the book of Isaiah — specifically, the chapters where the prophet Isaiah is looking forward to a world of peace, justice, and compassion. May we all join the prophet in looking forward and reflecting through this year's Challenge.

Here’s how it works: 

Download the List!

Each day we will post a word of the day. Your post should show how you perceive each word of the day. No explanation needed. You can share a photo, poem or even a simple thought inspired by the word of the day. Please tag us on your Instagram photos or on Twitter and Facebook with #RethinkChurch and/or #UnwrapChristmas 

You don't have to be a great photographer. This project is more about the practice of paying attention and being intentional than using the right filter or getting the perfect shot — though we totally encourage you to get creative! 

Need a daily reminder? We'll share them every morning on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you don't have Instagram or Twitter, we'd still love for you to share your photos and responses. Simply share them on your Facebook page and tag us, or leave a comment on the posted daily word reminder on our Facebook wall.

Let this be an intentional time — even for a few minutes a day — to pause, remember and reflect. May your Advent season be intentional, thought provoking, and filled with the hope of Christ.

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