Destination Bowling Green

Sampling of displays at the National Corvette Museum. (Images courtesy of the National Corvette Museum.)
Sampling of displays at the National Corvette Museum. (Images courtesy of the National Corvette Museum.)

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Craig Catlett serves the Local Church Services Team from his home in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  He offers his suggestions for the first of our new UMCom@Work armchair tour guide features.

He pointed out that Bowling Green still has a small town feel, with some newer big city flare.

Craig shares that:

The places that make Bowling Green Bowling Green are probably The Corvette Plant and Museum, Lost River Cave, and downtown Bowling Green.

If you like American cars, The Corvette Plant and Museum allows people to go on a tour of the one facility where Corvettes are made in the world.  Car aficionados of all sorts will love the museum with real corvettes from every year the corvette was made.  Oftentimes people are allowed to use the two mile Corvette race track either when they purchase a car or lease from the exotic car rental company in town.

Lost River Cave in Bowling Green is part of the largest interconnected cave system in North America and is attached to Mammoth Cave about an hour north of town.  You haven’t seen dark unless you’ve been in a cave underground when they turn the lights off.  The guide takes you on a small boat under several acres of Bowling Green in two large cave rooms and tells you about the history of the cave over the years (then entrance has been a ballroom and a hiding place for Jesse James).

Bowling Green is a college town but just down the hill from Western Kentucky University (students are called “Hilltoppers”) is our small town square. The college students love the pubs, restaurants, cigar lounge, and Insomnia Cookies (open until 1 a.m. on the weekends). The square and fountain are around 100 years old and is decorated for Christmas in November after Thanksgiving.

Bowling Green has recently added things you would find in a larger city, like the Southern Kentucky Performing Arts Center which hosts major off Broadway productions and musical artists.

Driving to Bowling Green from the United Methodist Communications office building will only take you about an hour and a half, so it makes for a perfect weekend excursion.

Before you go, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

When hunger strikes while traveling it’s always a great time to look outside of the national chain offerings and check out local cuisine and restaurants. Toro is a Spanish fusion restaurant that Craig recommends going to for their paella. They offer a seafood paella or their signature Toro Paella that is a mixture of chicken, chorizo, fresh seafood and sofrito saffron rice. Both options serve 2-3 people.

If the earlier mention about “America’s sports car” has you wanting to take a spin but your budget can’t handle the purchase, The Corvette Plant and Museum offers an exotic driving experience. For those who with the need for speed, Groupon has a discounted ticket offer.

Always remember that you can help stretch your wallet even further by searching out discounts found online for other Bowling Green activities and eateries or by picking up coupon books and brochures at rest areas along the drive or at tourist stops. Also, the longtime Entertainment Book now offers a digital membership that is not city-specific allowing for use of coupons as you travel.

Get detailed information on planning a visit to Bowling Green, Kentucky along with lodging suggestions by checking out their tourism website at and/or request a visitor’s guide. They also provide a coupon for the Historic Railpark & Train Museum and highlights various military specials.

Safe travels!