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Connectional Table launches Emerging, an online anthology

Emerging is a new digital anthology for leaders from the Connectional Table. The articles, essays and other materials discuss the future of The United Methodist Church.

Emerging Anthology Logo. Courtesy of the Connectional Table. August 2019.
Emerging Anthology Logo. Courtesy of the Connectional Table. August 2019.

“Emerging,” www.emergingmethodism.com, is a new digital anthology for United Methodists to use to foster conversations on the future of the denomination and how its ministry, teachings and witness might evolve.

Launched in August 2019 by The Connectional Table, “Emerging” is not a forum for debating the various petitions and plans coming before General Conference 2020. Rather, it is a space for United Methodists with different perspectives to think critically about the future of their church. The Connectional Table hopes this project will help develop a greater consensus in terms of vision for the future.

Content for the site will reflect on at least six topics:

  • Leadership: Our Call
  • Ecclesiology: Our Church
  • Theology: Our Beliefs
  • Missiology: Our Mission
  • Polity: Our Structure
  • History: Our Story

The Connectional Table is accepting submissions and suggestions for content. The editorial team is striving to be inclusive of all United Methodists in regards to race, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, age, nationality, culture and beliefs.

Send submissions to Emily Clemons, director of communications for the Connectional Table, at contact@emergingmethodism.com.

Read the full press release from the Connectional Table.

Published on August 15, 2019.