UMC Logo
UMC Logo

The Cross and Flame is highly recognizable. This means that when people see our logo, they connect it with The United Methodist Church. As a whole, we engage in national advertising to help raise both awareness and positive perception of the brand, and by connecting with the symbols of the brand, you are further strengthened.

One of the ways this recognition occurs is through consistent use of the logo. The following section is designed to help you do that; you can also learn more in our Branding at a Glance guide and detailed Brand Manual.

Cross and Flame

The Cross and Flame is the most recognizable symbol of The United Methodist Church. This benefits our denomination, as the people in your neighborhood will immediately recognize The United Methodist Church. Read More

Brand Promise

The “Brand Promise” is our commitment to everyone who interacts with The United Methodist Church. To reinforce this promise, we display it in a consistent and legible way, specifically as it relates to our logo. Read More

Church logos

For clear and consistent recognition, we have established a way for your local church to use the Cross and Flame yet retain your unique identity. Upon request, United Methodist Communications can develop a United Methodist-branded logo for your church — at no charge.